3 mistakes people make when hiring a photobooth

If you’re planning a party, often a photo booth is high on the list of entertainment requirements, offering guests a great keepsake from your party and providing fantastic fun for your guests. The only problem is that there are so many people out there providing photo booth hire, that it’s easy to make mistakes when hiring a photo booth and end up with a low quality booth or even worse, no booth at all!

Mistake #1 – Hiring a part-time or hobby business.

There are many part time photobooth hire businesses who supplement their full time income by only working at weekends. That’s a great little earner for them, but not much fun for you when you’re getting frustrated trying to contact them about your booking and they’re too busy at their main job! You are not their priority and your booking is just extra income to them. If you’re finding it difficult to communicate or waiting ages to get a reply at the enquiry/booking stage, this should ring some alarm bells as a provider to avoid. Legitimate photo booth businesses should be able to quickly reply to your queries during office hours.

Mistake #2 – Going for the cheapest option.

Everyone knows the saying “Buy cheap, buy twice” and this absolutely applies to photobooth hire. The last thing you want to be doing the week before your party is frantically ringing around established and dependable photobooth suppliers, telling the story of how your fantastic cheap deal has fallen through. Often, these “attractive” offers are too good to be true and the business is not able to survive at the low prices on offer.  Do you want to risk losing your deposit and suffer last minute panic just for a saving of a few pounds? Really low prices are often a sign of desparation for a business and they are often very close to being in trouble. The cheapest option is very rarely the best option!

Cheap Photo Booth Hire

Mistake #3 – Hiring a non-specialist photobooth business.

You will often see DJs, photographers and venue dressers offering a photobooth as part of a package, often at a cheaper rate. Buying a photobooth is easy but running it requires some technical expertise and problem solving abilities to ensure a quality service.  Personalising your photographs appears in many forms from a single line of text across the picture to a full blown design with personalised colours and themes for your event. Non specialists will offer a basic personalisation service and will be unlikely to have the ability to solve any technical problems which arise. This could result in your photobooth being shut down part way through the evening. Book with a specialist company who have met all the problems which can occur and know how to solve them.

Hopefully by understanding 3 mistakes people make when hiring a photobooth, you will be able to avoid any problems with your booking.

Look out for our next blog with advice on how to avoid a party disaster!

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