Have you ever wondered how to make your party stand out from others and make it a talking point with guests for years after the event?

Why not choose a party theme to add an extra touch that will give your party that wow factor?

Add extra fun to your party by adding a party theme!

Planning your event and entertainment based around that theme can create an unforgettable party!

On our photo booth hire travels, we’ve seen some brilliant and unusual ideas for a party theme, such as James Bond themed costumes, Masquerade ball theme, Titanic theme, Alice in Wonderland characters and Vintage themes amongst many others. You can theme everything at your party, down to the invitations, favours, entertainment etc.

One of our favourites from a wedding reception was a festival party theme! The bride and groom booked a barn with a large field outside and booked a couple of bands to play for their guests. Everything about the party had a festival feel, complete with burgers, drinks, wellies, face painting, mud and hippy style dancing etc. There was a real feel good factor about the whole evening and everyone had a fabulous time. That party still stands out for us in the 1000+ photobooth bookings we’ve done, so imagine how the guests feel!

party themes

Another brilliant one (if you have guests who are up for a laugh) was Eighties fancy dress. The photo below was from a 30th birthday party and all the guests joined in with legwarmers, Super Mario costumes, Boy George etc. They looked amazing and the atmosphere of the party was great, with everyone laughing at the costumes!

fancy dress eighties

Another idea we have seen done really well is a historical theme such as Gatsby. The guests were all given props related to a Gatsby theme such as feather head dresses, violin cases and trilby hats and the room decor and designs all matched the Art deco theme.

Do some research on party themes – they can be such fun to plan and attend!

We can also theme your photobooth print to match your party theme – contact us to enquire about your party!